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Forsiden av dokumentet K12 - Ship impact, Pontoons and columns


K12 - Ship impact, Pontoons and columns

The case of a ship impact on the K12 – end-anchored floating bridge with mooring system over Bjørnafjorden, is studied. The report seeks to clarify how the structure responds to ship impact locally on pontoons and columns by explicit nonlinear finite element analysis. Bow-pontoon collision is studied for a container bow and an ice-strengthened bow. The impact directions are either head-on the pontoon or 90-degree at the transition between straight and curved pontoon wall. Impact with the ice-strengthened bow is also performed 90 degree between bulkheads and frames too obtain a softer behavior. In the local collision analyses, the pontoon is fixed against movements at the boundary of the modelled pontoon. The pontoon in axis 3 is the basis for all impact simulations documented, since this pontoon is subjected to the largest impact energy. The pontoon width has become slightly larger (17 m) than the pontoon geometry utilized in this report (16 m), but this is considered to have negligible influence on the results.



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