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Forsiden av dokumentet End of Term Evaluation for Zimbabwe OD/DM Programme 2009/2012


End of Term Evaluation for Zimbabwe OD/DM Programme 2009/2012

This end-of-term evaluation assessed the inter-related Organizational Development and Disaster Management (OD/DM) programme run by the ZRCS, covering the three and half year period from mid-2009 to 2012. The program was initiated after Norcross’ initial response to the 2008 cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, when a Norcross’ Emergency Response Unit (ERU) was deployed, which led to a closer cooperation between Norcross and ZRCS. The evaluation was undertaken during the first half of November 2013, including ten days in the three targeted districts. This report is intended to serve the dual objectives of accountability – to the principal donor, the beneficiaries and the partners – as well as offer some learning insights to inform a future phase of the programme. The evaluation aimed to analyze to which degree the initial objectives of the programme had been reached, as well as a consideration of the relationships between the principal partners.