Mainstreaming disability in the new development paradigm : evaluation of Norwegian support to promote the rights of persons with disabilities


This field visit report on Nepal forms part of the Evaluation of the Norwegian Support to Promote the Rights of the persons with disabilities. It gives an overview of how the Norwegian funded programs in Nepal have related to the rights of persons with disabilities. KEY FINDING: The Norwegian support has contributed to increased visibility and capacity of the disability movement in Nepal. This has enabled the movement to play a key role in the lobbying for policy change. The service provision projects have contributed to improved physical functioning, self-reliance and social inclusion of targeted children and adults. Although measures are taken in the education sector program, progress of inclusion of children with disabilities is slow. The social inclusion, democracy and human rights initiatives supported by Norway have in most cases not yet encompassed persons with disabilities.

  • Direktoratet for utviklingssamarbeid
  • Era Shrestha, Annika Nilsson, Nora Ingdal, Anne Hertzberg, Mari Brekke Mogen
  • Nordic Consulting Group