Evaluation of the Landscape Architecture Programme Offerede by the Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (ILP) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)


The landscape architect programme at ILP is a successful one in terms of its ability to attract in high calibre students, and in the quality of the graduates it produces. It is facing new challenges and opportunities in terms of changing social and educational issues and in existing and proposed changes in the provision of post graduate landscape architecture education Norway. The Evaluation Committee’s review of the evaluation issues identified in the Terms of Reference supplied by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) identify the following issues as one of particular note; the programme structure, the learning environment, the Research basis and some issues to do with the broader labour market. The Evaluation Committee believe that the landscape architecture programme at UMB has an excellent opportunity to maximise its strengths in terms of its position in a University of Life Sciences and promote itself as an international leader in terms of green landscape architecture.

  • Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap
  • Karen Foley, Jörg Rekittke, Martine Henriette Wilberg, Anna Peterson, Elin Henricson
  • Ekstern evalueringskomité