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Forsiden av dokumentet Monitoring and Evaluation: East Africa Cup 2014


Monitoring and Evaluation: East Africa Cup 2014

East Africa Cup (EAC) was established in 2004. Since then over 20000 youth from the whole region have participated in the annual event and hopefully become inspired to believe in themselves, to believe that they can make a difference with regard to their own community development. EAC has a good overview and evaluation system of the event itself. However, as the EAC is a networking event it does not have the capacity/opportunity to monitor/evaluate the impact throughout the year in the respective home communities of the inspiration/competence youth and organizations receive at the EAC – this is encapsulated in the slogan “one week in Moshi, but the whole year in the community”. This evaluation marks a first step in a pilot in which the EAC is trying to acquire more insight into the actual impact of the EAC in the various participating communities. The M/E marks the first step in developing a comprehensive M/E program embracing all participating organizations to the EAC. The objective is to acquire a fuller understanding of the impact of the EAC on the participating youth/organizations within the framework of the EAC objective of inspiring youth to believe that they can make a difference.