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Forsiden av dokumentet Organisational Performance Review of Rainforest Foundation Norway


Organisational Performance Review of Rainforest Foundation Norway

This Review finds that with few exceptionsRFN is meeting the objectives and delivering the expected results drawn up in the Framework Agreement with Norad. The cost-efficient use of funds: RFN is rather cost efficient in its operations and use of funds at head quarters as well as field level. The relevance to Norwegian political priorities on environment and indigenous peoples: This is well documented. RFN has actively influenced Norwegian policies in both these areas. With its new strategy RFN is also pursuing gender equality in its work. Results in accordance with agreed goals in the multi year agreement: RFN is achieving almost all indicators for the various results in the Framework Agreement with Norad. Relevance to the partners and the local and national political situation: RFN's relevance to its partners is almost self evident. The relevance to the national political situation will vary. RFN's professional, financial and administrative capacity: It seems clear that until now RFN has the professional and administrative capacity to implement Norad financed measures and programmes under the Framework Agreement. However, there is a feeling in RFN that this capacity is now overstretched. With the two new programmes (Norad Indigenous Peoples' Programme and the MFA Amazon Programme) as well as RFN's new expansive strategy there is a danger that the capacity will not be adequate in the future.