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Forsiden av dokumentet Ivory Coast 10741 HFA midterm evaluation 2015


Ivory Coast 10741 HFA midterm evaluation 2015

Norwegian Lutheran Mission has been present in Côte d'Ivoire since 1984, with a particular focus on the Mahou people. A development project was implemented in the period of 2006-2011, concentrating on adult literacy and HIV/AIDS reduction. These issues remained major challenges, and resulted in the Norad supported project Hope for All (2013-2017) in 10 precarious neighbourhoods in the communes of Yopougon, Attécoubé and Abobo. The project aims to contribute towards heightened awareness of HIV/AIDS with a following halt and reverse of the disease; enabling children out of the school system to complete primary school; and to increase literacy levels, particularly for women. After two years of intervention, a mid-term evaluation was initiated in order to assess the project’s progress, identify barriers and corrective measures to achieve expected results.