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Energy 2020+ Report from a foresight project

The Research Council wants to encourage a broadbased, open dialogue about the ranking of priorities in research and innovation policy. As a step towards introducing more dialogue-based working methods in the planning of major research initiatives, in 2004 the Research Council launched 'Foresight' as a way of working. Five central fields were selected for the launch of Foresight projects. These were aquaculture, biotechnology, materials technology, ICT and energy, where the project Energy2020+ was concluded in June 2005. This is the final report from the project. Energy 2020+ was conducted under the auspices of the Research Council. Research communities, business and industry, the authorities and other stakeholders were invited to make suggestions and participate actively in the process. A number of individuals with no professional involvement in the field of energy were also invited to participate. The following is a brief description of the methods applied to the Foresight Project.



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