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Sytem Audit of EJN

EJN has in recent years continued to grow both in terms of profile, programmes and funding, however an analysis of their systems indicates some internal/institutional challenges related to the growth for example in terms of the organization's financial and administrative and management routines. The organization has been slowed in adapting its internal systems to the rate at which it is growing. The 2006 Audited Financial Statement showed some inaccuracies in reporting on project funds from NCA and budget comparisons were not provided as required by NCA and other donors such as DIAKONIA. The narrative reports submitted were weak on analysis - reporting largely on activities with less emphasis on impact. A further analysis also revealed lack of a clear organizational structure with no clear delegation of responsibility for development of management systems and routines. Gaps in the general management systems and routines of EJN were a concern. NCA, DIAKONIA and Christian Aid, (key partners to EJN) resolved to conduct a systems audit, the outputs from which would be a report highlighting the areas needing improvement together with recommendations as to how that could be achieved. The funding partners are committed to assisting EJN as it is considered a strategic organization.