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Forsiden av dokumentet Conflict Transformation in Palestinian Areas II 2016-2018


Conflict Transformation in Palestinian Areas II 2016-2018 Evaluation

2005 – 2012, Norad supported OPCY (Operation Palestinian Children and Youth). In 2013, the staff of OPCY started working on CTPA (Conflict Transformation in Palestinian Areas). CTPA´s main focus has been training the counsellors in the public Palestinian school – which is equivalent to ´sosiallærerne´ in Norway. Each counsellor is responsible for 1-2 schools, and will do some classroom teaching with the challenging classes and they will also be counselling single students with special difficulties. By CTPA II, 9 of 17 directorates are trained. The purpose of the external evaluation of the project´s last year, was to evaluate the results on the following outcomes: Valuing differences will become part of the Palestinian educational system/schools; Participating schools testify to less physical and verbal violence; Participants acquired new communication skills towards the ‘other’, and are practicing it; Participating educators are better role models for the children they work with. The evaluation assessed the project contribution to these outcomes and the PBS ability to achieve the intended results, highlighting lessons learnt and presenting recommendations for a the next phase of the project.