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Forsiden av dokumentet Stand up against HIV-AIDS Prevention project


Stand up against HIV-AIDS Prevention project

The HIV infection is a major public health issue in the Caribbean region, and Haiti is the most affected country. According to the UNAIDS Report 2012, the HIV prevalence in the Caribbean regrion is higher than in all other regions outside Sub-Saharan Africa; and Haiti is one of the Caribbean countries with a high HIV prevalence. Fond-des Nègres is a town located in the Nippes department of Haiti. In past decades, the HIV prevalence in this department was one of the highest in the country. The Salvation Army Bethel Clinic of Fond-des Negrès provides many medical services at a low cost. The result is that many patients from different parts of the country go there for care and services. The goal of “Stand up against AIDS” project is to reduce further spread of HIV and to reduce the social effects of the disease in the communities. After two years of the project implementation, a mid-term evaluation appears more than normal to assess the project impact related to its objectives. This will provide an interesting opportunity to appreciate the effects of the project and bring ideas about the eventual needed correction in the process of implementation.