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Back to Earth: Towards Future Campaigning

Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia or the Indonesian Forum for Environment, more popularly known as Walhi, was established in 1980 by several NGOs concerned with the state of Indonesia's environment. At present, Walhi is a forum consisting of 445 organizations, mainly NGOs, and Regional Executive Offices in 25 provinces. Walhi is the oldest, largest, and most influential environmental organisation in Indonesia. Walhi has been a partner organisation of the Rainforest Foundation since 2003, with funds received from Norad. This evaluation is jointly funded by the Rainforest Foundation (through Norad) and Walhi's other main donors. The current evaluation takes off from the recommendations of an evaluation conducted in 2003 and Walhi's responses to those in the course of the four-year period following the previous evaluation. The title of the current Evaluation, "Back to Earth", attempts to summarize the key theme of the recommendations from the new Evaluation report which encourages Walhi to address concrete challenges facing the network in order to move forward. In view of the results of the 2003 impact evaluation, and in the interest of assessing the progress Walhi has made since then, a team of external evaluators was assembled to conduct an evaluation of Walhi's work over the past four years (2003-2007). This evaluation uses the 2003 impact evaluation as a point of departure, providing a thorough independent analysis of how Walhi has worked towards the objectives set in its programs and campaigns over the past four years, and determines the relationships between and among the key components of Walhi as an organization.