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Forsiden av dokumentet Final external evaluation “Institute for Development” Norwegian Mission Alliance


Final external evaluation “Institute for Development” Norwegian Mission Alliance From 2008 to 2012 Phase III

The Institute for Development is an educative organization created by MANB to form grass-root female and male leaders. The program got prestige due to the formation of basic technicians in different areas: entrepreneurial leadership for development, gender and community development, formulation of project profiles, environment, preservation and conservation. The ID is part of MANB’s Strategic Plan, which in the last 10 years has positioned itself as a training body of local human resources to contribute to the country’s sustainable development. It aims to strengthen the Bolivian society “towards real democracy”, where the civil society and State work hand in hand to achieve a more just, fairer and equal society. The consulting teamwork focused on “evaluating and verifying the compliance of goals fortarget groups to boost results and have future projections”. The document is structured into different stages in order to carry out a deep analysis of the project’s implementation, management, resources management and impact in the benefited population. A special emphasis is put on the following crosscutting themes: gender, institutional values, and stakeholders’ participation levels.