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Forsiden av dokumentet Pokot Rural Development Project (PRDP): Report on Final Evaluation 2013


Pokot Rural Development Project (PRDP): Report on Final Evaluation 2013

The Pokot Rural Development Project (PRDP) is based in the northern part of West Pokot County, within the Rift Valley region. The area has rugged terrain, rocky hills and dry river valleys. Most of the project areas have unreliable rainfall for most of the year. The harsh physical conditions present enormous development related challenges to the community. Not only are Project areas almost inaccessible due to poor road conditions and river beds that are full of huge boulders, but also the seasonal rivers that flood during the rains make it extremely difficult to move from one Project site to another. Moreover, there are no bridges across the many rivers that tort the area. Movement to project sites is only possible with the use of four wheel drive vehicles. The long distances between the project sites make communication between project sites difficult. This makes supervision of projects a challenge. The population of the entire West Pokot County is estimated at 510,000, with the more densely populated parts lying in the south around Kapenguria town and its environs. The more northerly and south western parts of the County where the Project sites are located have scarce population, unevenly spread over an expansive area. The people are largely nomadic and live in temporary settlements. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine the success/failures of the implementation process. The evaluation was also to identify the main challenges that led to the fund withdrawal by the donor for part of 2011. The evaluation covered all the four thematic areas Health, Education, HIV/Aids and Anti-FGM advocacy campaigns. The main focus of the evaluation was on the overall impact of the agreed programme on the targeted community.