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Forsiden av dokumentet Improving Health for Women in the Netrakona Region in Bangladesh


Improving Health for Women in the Netrakona Region in Bangladesh

SUS is a local NGO established in 1986 by Rokeya Begum. The organization is located in the outskirts of Netrakona district. SUS works with underprivileged and marginalized women, children, adolescents and the disabled through a holistic and participatory approach based on the needs of the community, with a prime focus on livelihood development. SUS is committed to bringing about positive changes in the quality of life by making available education, comprehensive health services, micro credit as well as other social services that enable the women to exercise their socio-economic rights. The organization believes that the quality of women's lives is enhanced by emphasising an inclusive gender approach, community participation and collaboration with governmental and other relevant organizations. SUS has been working in the health sector since 1998 and been financially supported by ID/DNJ/FOKUS since 2002. The purpose of the midterm evaluation of the Health Project was to find out if SUS reaches its goals, performs the activities as planned, reaches the target group, delivers good quality health care and has worked with the recommendations given at the final evaluation of 2005. In addition, the evaluators looked at the organization and administration of the Health Project, its place within SUS and the gender issues within the Health Project and SUS. Finally, the team wanted to assess how the two Bangladeshi midwifes who, as part of an FK exchange programme, had settled back into work at the Health Project in Netrakona after nine months in Norway.