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Forsiden av dokumentet Assessment of Prottoy Pilot Project


Assessment of Prottoy Pilot Project

Prottoy is a small pilot initiative for adolescent boys ageing from 11-19 years. This project is a by-product of Shonglap, an ongoing project for adolescent girls being implemented from 2006. In the mean time, Shonglap project has created a tremendous demand among the communities of Stromme Foundation working area. Realizing the usefulness of Shonglap knowledge, the girls demanded the same program for boys as they will be the future husband/father of their families. Based on the demand primarily from the Shonglap girls, Strømme Foundation (SF) conducted a feasibility study in existing Shonglap areas with the help of an external consultant who was involved actively in designing Shonglap program. Based on the study findings the pilot project was initiated in a small scale to see its impacts in the society especially the changes of stereotyped patriarchal attitude of the boys. Similar to Shonglap, Prottoy also is a one year’s project. As a pilot initiative the project started in October 2010 and continued up to October/November 2011 among 04 PNGOs those are implementing Shonglap program. Every PNGO implemented 05 centers within Shonglap areas.