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Forsiden av dokumentet Tana Water and Sanitation Project Mid Term Project Evaluation


Tana Water and Sanitation Project Mid Term Project Evaluation

The Tana North Water and Sanitation Project (TWSP) is planned to run from 2013 to2017, and its scope covers nomads or village dwellers of Somali, Warday and Ormacommunities of Tana North District. The overall development goal of the TWSP is to partake in alleviating the livelihoods of the marginalized inhabitants of Tana North District. A more specific objective of the TWSP is to participate in improving the water security situation in Tana North District by contributing to the construction of reliable and sustainable water points through community and government institutions. The TWSP also aims at improving the health situation with regards to water borne diseases by conducting basic health and sanitation training among the communities targeted by the water development intervention as well as among other communities when required. The midterm evaluation was on the ongoing project activities of Tana Water and Sanitation Project [TWSP] as per the project document, with specific focus on those activities that were implemented during 2013-2014 period. The purpose of the evaluation was to draw lessons learnt and major challenges that the project has experienced in order to provide important direction for the on-going and future project activity implementation in water development in the area.