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Forsiden av dokumentet Report on Science and Technology Indicators of Norway 2007


Report on Science and Technology Indicators of Norway 2007

This report presents a selection of science and technology (S&T) indicators in Norway. The data presented in the report is annotated in English, and the presentation is designed to provide useful information and perspectives on a range of S&T issues. This English version caters especially to a foreign audience which is not necessarily familiar with the Norwegian S&T environment. It complements the full version which is found online in Norwegian. The report is the latest addition in a series which goes back to 1997 but which has a much longer history. It continues the series' original pursuit of presenting a wide range of relevant statistics and indicators and of ensuring their continual development. Statistics on resources devoted to research and experimental development (R&D) in Norway, expenditure and personnel, have been compiled since 1963. Those relating to patents, bibliometric analyses and advanced technology have been included since the 1980s. Innovation studies were introduced in the 1990s.



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