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Forsiden av dokumentet Research project: Tunnels for the citizen


Research project: Tunnels for the citizen Sub project H: Technical installations. Particle Cleaning in Norwegian Road Tunnels

Norway’s road network has become more and more dependent on tunnels. The challenge of planning and construction of road tunnels in urban areas implies an environmentally friendly approach. Particle cleaning of the air in long and heavily trafficked tunnels in densely populated areas have been used in Norway for more than ten years. It has been seen as a possible measure, both for improving the visibility in the tunnels and for reducing the disharge to the air, both inside and outside the tunnels. Three different types of layout system for particle cleaning equipment have been used in Norway. This paper discuss the experience and status for the particle cleaning technology since the opening of the sub-sea “Oslo Tunnel” in 1989. In general, there is no principal difference between the use of a particle cleaning system in ordinary or subsea road tunnels.



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Harald Buvik




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