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Forsiden av dokumentet Evaluation of the Andulia Community Health Development Project


Evaluation of the Andulia Community Health Development Project External Evaluation Report

On 1989, The Salvation Army Bangladesh responded to need of the poor people of the Ragunathpur union of Dumuria upazila, Khulna district where they had water logging of the adjacent low land areas. During that period for a long time this areas crop production had gone down and the infrastructure was very bad. Many people due to the crop loss had become poor and due to the scarcity of farm work day laborers became ultra poor. People did not have access to proper education and medical facilities and the community was economically going down. At that moment The Salvation Army put in an emergency effort and made the medical and primary education services available to the poor community by launching the Andulia Community Health Development project at Ragunathpur union. Over time according to the need of the community this project as changed its way of operation and also the activities. This phase of the project was started on 2005 and will be phased out in Dec ’09, completing its 5 years of implementation. This is the fourth external evaluation of the project. It became a need to look back at achievements and lessons learned in order to get future direction to create more impact in the intervention in community. This evaluation will assess the implementation process, status, effectiveness, impact, relevance and sustainability of the Andulia Community Health Development Project and make recommendations for further improvements for continuing work.