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Forsiden av dokumentet Revue finale du projet SOFABA


Revue finale du projet SOFABA French

The Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS) has assisted two synods of the FLM, Horombe Synod and Fiherenana, Toliara Synod in the implementation of the project (Hereafter called the SOFABA project) since it was started in 1995. The Project has been carried out in 2 phases of 5 years, from 1998-2002 and from 2003-2007. The formal agreement between BN and NMS was signed the 28th of January 1988 and this overs the project for the period from 1998 to 2007. The total budget was 4.2 millions NOK. During the first phase an evaluation was carried out in 2001 as a mid-term review by SIK (Centre for intercultural communication), in view of a possible prolongation of the Project. A contract was signed between NMS and FLM in Antananarivo on 14th May 2003. During this last part of the contract period a mid-term review was carried out in September/October 2004 by Cabinet Miara-Mita. The financial support of the SOFABA project from BN will come to an end 31st of December 2007. FLM will however continue to run the Bara Project centre as its development office in the region. FLM has applied for support to a new project in new areas for which a new project document has been presented, and this proposal has been included in the new NMS' Malagasy Integrated Rural Development Program. The former activities of support to primary schools and education in the SOFABA project have been transferred to the Green Educational Program supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Antananarivo.