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Forsiden av dokumentet Drug Demand Reduction and Poverty Alleviation for Ethnic Minorities (DDRPAEM)


Drug Demand Reduction and Poverty Alleviation for Ethnic Minorities (DDRPAEM)

From 1993-2004 NCA was the executing agency for a tripartite project for the Lao Commission for Drug Control (LCDC)/United Nations Office for Drug and Crime (UNODC)/Norwegian Church Aid in M Long. Its objectives were: to reduce/eradicate opium poppy cultivation, to reduce opium addiction, and to improve of livelihoods systems alternatives, education, health, water and sanitation. Since 2002 NCA has considered it as one Project with different phases. The first phase of the Project was called Drug Demand Reduction and Supply Reduction in Northwestern Laos; and the second phase started in 2002-2005, referred to as the Long Alternative Development Project (LADP), was completed in December 2004 as the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding came to an end and implementation in the first and second phase target villages was completed. The purpose of the evaluation has been to assess to which extent the project has achieved its objectives and outputs and lead to the desired impacts. It has further assed the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the strategies and methods in the project, use of recourses, the project organizational and management set up and the mode of cooperation with the partners.