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Forsiden av dokumentet Review of Development Cooperation in Timor Leste


Review of Development Cooperation in Timor Leste Final Report

Timor Leste experienced a political crisis in April and May of 2006, the consequences of which are not resolved a year later. The Government's dismissal of one third of the armed forces triggered the breakdown of Timor Lestes security institutions, followed by extensive violence and physical destruction. The 2006 crisis occurred in sharp contrast to the international perceptions of the state. The Timorese process has been held up as an example of a country successfully making the transition to peace from conflict. For the international community, it raised questions about the impact of international assistance on conflict transformation, as TimorLeste hasreceived significant support. In response, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta initiated a dialogue with the Timorese Government, bilateral donors, multilateral organizations and others about the need to review the impact of international assistance. Terms of Reference were developed in consultation between the Embassy and Norad, and Norad commissioned Scanteam to undertake the review. The goal was to improve international development cooperation with Timor Leste, and to other countries affected by violent conflict. The review was asked to assess the impact of Norwegian and international development assistance on conflict transformation during the period from Independence in 2002 until the crisis in April 2006, and to make recommendations for improving present and future international cooperation.