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Forsiden av dokumentet Final Evaluation Report 2012 Ginnir Hospital Capacity Building Project (GHCBP)


Final Evaluation Report 2012 Ginnir Hospital Capacity Building Project (GHCBP)

The GHCBP started as pilot project in 2003 in Ginnir District at Ginnir Hospital. Development interventions and infrastructure are still very limited in Bale Zone. The project started to mitigate multi-faceted problems linked to the Hospital – particularly capacity building & strengthen the hospital essential functions, strengthen the supporting activities of the hospital, implement HIV/AIDS prevention and control, scale up the capacity of the administration of the hospital and provide access to electronic medical information.The pilot project phase was successful and it was decided to extend the project second phase from (2008-2012) GHCBP document is formulated based on official request by the concerned bodies, that NLM & its partner EECMY – DASSC to continue to strengthen essential functions of the hospital. The project is now terminated and NLM is engaged in collaboration with Ginnir Hospital through the Reducing Maternal Mortality (RMM) project which started in 2013. The Terminal evaluation is mainly intended to assess the performance against the agreed plan and other procedural and technical issues of the project.