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Moktab-based Pre-School for Quality Education Impact Evaluation Report

In 2008, while Stromme Foundation (SF) had the scope for funding in Early Childhood and Development, COAST Trust came up with a proposal to work with the children in the Cox's Bazar who had been studying in Moktabs - the traditional Islamic religious education centers.  At the age of 6 plus, most of these children got admission in madrasas and deprived from primary education. The COAST Trust proposed to have a pre-primary education for these children through Moktab-based Pre-School (MPS) and to ensure their enrolment and retention in primary schools. Stromme Foundation found it a very timely proposal and started funding from 2009. COAST Trust conducted MPS in 6 upazilas of Cox's Bazar namely Ukhia, Moheshkhali, Teknaf, Cox's Bazarsadar, Chakaria and Ramu. Each center was run for one year with 30 learners who were mostly 5 years old. The MPSs were conducted for six days a week and two hours a day from 9 to 11 a.m.  A total number 148 MPSs were established with an enrolment of 4,440 learners during the period of 2009 to 2013.  These MPSs were supposed to run by the community after five years and accordingly there was no fund for further MPSs in these upazilas from 2014.2. The objectives of the impact assessment was to (i) trace the learners  of the MPS who passed and went to mainstream primary education, (ii) measure the  community contributed in running the MPSs (iii) assess capacity of the Imams as  MPS facilitators (iv) observe the scopes of sustainability do exist there and (v) recommend for future implications.