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Forsiden av dokumentet NCA Ethiopia and Partners engagement in Abandoning HTPs/FGM in Ethiopia


NCA Ethiopia and Partners engagement in Abandoning HTPs/FGM in Ethiopia Review of 9 partners contribution (2002-2008)

Ethiopia has a very high number of beneficial traditional practices, in child rearing and care and in traditional medicine for example. It has also a large number of harmful traditional practices (HTPs). NCTPE/EGLDAM surveys have inventoried some 50 major HTP. Of these, five – Female genital mutilation, Uvula Cutting (UC), Milk-Teeth Extraction (MTE), Early marriage (EM) and marriage by Abduction(MBA) - have been identified as priority HTPs because they are pan-Ethiopian and affect a large proportion of the population. FGM reflects the diversity of Ethiopia with high national prevalence with varied degrees of prevalence rates across the ethnic and regions. The age at mutilation also varies by ethnic groups. Most undergo type I and II (or clitoridectomy and excision) while others, for example Afar, Somali, Berta and some Oromo groups practice infibulations i.e. extensive excision and sewing of the vaginal interotius. NCA works in a comprehensive and partnership- oriented way through churches and church-based, faith-based and value based organizations. The basis of the Norwegian policy on FGM is promotion and protection of the human rights of girls and women victims or potential victims of genital mutilation. An understanding of gender relations in a broad socio-economic and religious context underpins Norwegian effort in the fight against FMG/C through measures taken to secure an integrated, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approach in the work against the practice. Ethiopia is a pilot country for Norwegian FGM/C action. NCA-E has started to work on HTPs as part of gender and RH related issues in first (phase I). Since2002 (Phase II), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (pilot) projects were launched in Amhara, SNNPR and Somali regions with funding from NORAD. In 2005 (Phase III), the program was further strengthened with financial assistance from the Norwegian Embassy through the strategic partnership with Save the Children-Norway. In this review; however; only 9 partners work has been reviewed (2002 -2008) to document the overall contribution in the area so far and lessons learned. The assignment was to review and document NCA and 9 NCA partners’ experience and contribution in abandoning HTPs in general but giving special emphasis to FGM (2002-2008).