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Forsiden av dokumentet Evaluation of Support to CBR Programme in Lesotho


Evaluation of Support to CBR Programme in Lesotho

Since 2003 the Government of Lesotho and the Norwegian Association of the Disabled (NAD), have in partnership, been developing a CBR programme. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) through its Rehabilitation Unit has been the main implementing agency. Financial and Technical support has been provided by NAD to the MOHSW to strengthen and mainstream multisectoral services to accommodate the needs of disabled people. The main purpose of the evaluation was to provide guidance for strengthening the programme’s response to the needs of disabled people in the next long-term period 2010 – 2014. So as to focus on approaches that will lead to an enhancement of programme outcomes and quality, the evaluation looked particularly at relevance, efficiency and coherence rather than at impact.