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Forsiden av dokumentet Assessment of MLHW Income Generation Activities in Eritrea


Assessment of MLHW Income Generation Activities in Eritrea

Evaluation by Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD). The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) and the Ministry of Labour and Human Welfare (MLHW) have cooperated with each other since 1994 in relation to the Ministry's Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program. Under a series of cooperation agreements, NAD has provided support to the CBR program with funds from NORAD and the Atlas Alliance. The CBR program aims to provide equal opportunities for disabled people and change negative attitudes of society towards disability. In 2002 the MLHW initiated a pilot project to establish income generation activities in three (of six) regions in Eritrea as a part of the CBR program. Initially, this consisted of in-kind or financial grants. In 2003 the pilot was expanded to a fourth region and developed further in the direction of a revolving fund scheme (RFS). The RFS program was in its initial stages of implementation at the time of the external study. The study was commissioned to review existing procedures, implementation and documentation of the project, particularly in the areas of administration, financial management, and program monitoring.