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Forsiden av dokumentet External evaluation of the community development project (DECO)


External evaluation of the community development project (DECO)

Misión Alianza de Noruega en Ecuador (MAN-E) began its diaconal and community development work in the marginal areas of Guayaquil in 1994. The document “Guayaquil, Ecuador Community Development – 2004 Project Plan” is the project’s base. After the evaluation in 2006 the project was reviewed and the document “2006 Project Plan Changes” was made. The project has two lines of action, Education and Churches; and three work axes, Community Organization, Health and Social Relations, and Family Economy. The project works with two types of local partners: Schools with its community committees or commissions and churches with its committees or commissions. The project’s support focuses on different types of training and financing for infrastructure and furniture. The general budget for 2007 and 2008 is US$1,262,000 and US$1,521,000 respectively.