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Forsiden av dokumentet ‘Children Government Project’- End Project Evaluation


‘Children Government Project’- End Project Evaluation

Albanian reality in respecting children’s rights to participate in the formulation and implementation of all development policies and efforts affecting their own lives is far from being satisfactory. Research shows that in Albania, children’s right to participation is constantly violated even though Albania has signed CRC in 1992: the children are not considered citizens with the right to be heard by adults and Government representatives in any process of formulation or implementation of development policies especially in the field of education, with the mentality that children are to listen and not to be listened to. Children’s participation in school affairs is limited partly because of teachers’ lack of interest resulting from low wages and little or no investment in in-service training and partly practices inherited from the past regime. The most common approach is that children are just informed by the adults with no voice of their own. Main findings of two midterm evaluation studies made by SCiA during 2007-2008 show visible differences between SCiA projects’ schools and others regarding the CG election process, children’s attitude in the process, concrete work plans of CGs separated from the school plans etc. CGs in the project districts have shown some influence on school governance and have increased inclusive activities for and with marginalized children applying gained knowledge on inclusion issues and organizational and communication techniques. A different situation was reported in schools out of SC network. CG-s don’t have yet the necessary power and voice in the school life, decision making, drafting of school annual plans and development plans, extracurricular activities, conflict resolutions, etc. The aim of the project implemented by Save the Children was the increase of children’s independence and participation through the supporting of Children’s Governments in 60 rural and urban schools in 6 regions: Dibër, Durrës, Elbasan, Gjirokastër, Korçë and Vlorë.