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Forsiden av dokumentet Wool Processing and Marketing Project - Final Evaluation


Wool Processing and Marketing Project - Final Evaluation

WPMP started in 2001 through a merger of different wool processing activities in two different projects, Bayanzurkh Development Program (BDP) and Selenge Development Project (SDP) in Darkhan and Ulaanbaatar. WPMP builds on the successes achieved through the wool training programs of BDP that started in 1996, and reflected the need to empower existing (trained) wool crafters from the BDP and relevant institutions in the Mongolian community to establish cooperative structures for the sustainable development of the wool craft industry. WPMP formally commenced as a pilot project in 2003-2004, with the aim of gathering the wool production components into one project, to develop a better organizational base for the producers, and provide a coordinated approach for standardizing production and reaching the market. WPMP commenced a 3-year plan in 2005, with the aim of developing a structure of local self-run wool-production cooperatives, a central administration and sourcing arm (CU), a retail and marketing outlet (TA) and a training unit (WCCC). The main reason for the evaluation is to get an overview of the current situation; how successful the project has been in increasing participants' standard of living; and, whether or not the project has met its planned outcomes and objectives.