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Forsiden av dokumentet Ethiopia -Rayitu Community Development Project (2011-2013) Final evaluation


Ethiopia -Rayitu Community Development Project (2011-2013) Final evaluation

As part of the national effort of contributing to the country’s socio-economic development in general and improving the socio-economic life of the project area in particular, the EECMY/DASSC-WBS has been implementing a development project entitled Rayitu Community Development Project in Rayitu district of Bale zone. The project just completed its third phase (2011-2013) and started with 4th phase (2014-2017). The project directly targeted 8 PAs (5 new and 3 old intervention areas) with such major project activities as clean water supply, education, gender, and stakeholder capacity building.  In the old intervention PAs, this phase of the project makes one-time investments (such as grinding mill purchase and supply) or slight follow-up supports (such as follow-up of cooperative societies). The evaluation is mainly intended to assess the performance against the agreed plan & other procedural & technical issue of the project and provide the outcome of the evaluation to the relevant government bodies and to the implementing agency Ethiopia Evangelical CMY and Norwegian Lutheran Mission to fill their information gap.