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Western Ethiopia Women Empowerment Programme 2012-2014 Final Evaluation Report

Western Ethiopia Women Empowerment Programme (WEWEP) was initiated in Ethiopia in April 2012. The six WEP-projects are the following: Abay Dabus WEP, Birbir Dilla WEP, Begi-Gidami WEP, Central Gibe WEP, Gimbi Jorgo WEP and Western Synod WEP. The overall programme goal of WEWEP is to empower the women of the programme area. The programme is designed to empower the women through the following three components: (1) Strengthening the position of the women in the synods by educating them and providing good systems and documents for gender equality; (2) Educating women in the synods and in the local society by giving them knowledge about their rights and the consequences of HTPBs and HIV/AIDS; (3) Giving women in the local society access to income by organizing self-help groups and providing lectures on handicrafts. The purpose of the final evaluation is to evaluate the process and results of the first phase of WEWEP (2012-2014), with the intention of informing a possible continuation in line with the program’s work. Hence, the objective of the evaluation is: To assess the results, successes and limitations of the programme according to the overall program goal. The evaluation is focused on four areas of assessment: assessment of results, assessment of implementation, assessment of efficiency and assessment of sustainability. The four areas were investigated at three levels: the program level, the synod level and the project level.