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Forsiden av dokumentet Integrated Education and Development Programme (IEDP) End Term Evaluation Report 2012-2014


Integrated Education and Development Programme (IEDP) End Term Evaluation Report 2012-2014

The Pym-Aid Somaliland (PAS) project the-“Integrated Education and Development Program (IEDP) funded by PYM started in May 2003 after a feasibility study in 2002. Three phases have been carried out, the first within 2003-2007; the second from 2008 to 2010. An interim year of 2011 was given to prepare the program for the next three years 2012-2014. The third phase of the program ended at the end of 2014, The programme has applied for a bdidge year 2015 to carry out baseline surveys and impact assessments to inform the way forward for the coming 5 years Three evaluations have been carried out on the project; in 2005, 2010 and  2014. All the evaluation teams found that the project is highly relevant to the great needs in Sahil Region in particular and in Somaliland in general and therefore recommended continuation of the project.  The last evaluation, in March 2014 recommended not only the continuation of the project activities but it also suggested an expansion of the organization’s activities into another region of Somaliland. Currently, the organization’s activities are concentrated in Sahil Region. The purpose of the evaluation was firstly to assess the results of the program – with emphasis on outcomes and impact. Secondly, the relevance and the sustainability of the program were to be assessed. Thirdly, there was interest on the extent, manner, and effects of the program’s cooperation with other relevant actors. And fourthly, considerations on gender were to be assessed. It was considered important to also track how learning in previous phases have contributed to results of the current phase.