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Tuinuane Impact and programme evaluation

The Tuinuane Women Project was initiated by and is run by the Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya (FPFK). FPFK has about 30.000 members in most parts of Kenya. The project is supported technically and financially by PYM. The project started in 2005 as a continuation of a literacy programme that had run since 1999. By mid-2007 around 230 women’s groups have been trained and followed-up in their effort to save and give out loans to each other.  The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the efficiency and operational concerns in relation to technical, financial and administrative functions of the project. The evaluation also made inquiries on effectiveness of the project by assessing the level of outputs realized in relation to set goals and objectives. The evaluation should also analyze the adjustments in the project since the beginning. This being an end of project evaluation, impact and change realized within the lives of beneficiaries was assessed for the various interventions carried out by the project over the four year period.The process further sought to determine the degree of sustainability and to analyze the added value of the church in the project.