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Forsiden av dokumentet Mid-Term Review of project “Children voicing children's rights of Gaza YMCA


Mid-Term Review of project “Children voicing children's rights of Gaza YMCA

The current project "Children Voicing Children's Rights" has been supported since 2005 and will last until 2009. The cooperation between Y Global and YMCA Gaza is aimed at responding to the difficult situation of Palestinian children and adolescents in the Gaza Strip. The situation is characterized by the decline in the economic situation, children - and the population in general's recurrent exposures to sonic booms, and evident effects of long years of conflict. Children and adolescents find themselves in need of increasing opportunities for play, recreation, community participation in areas like their centers and other fields where they feel safe and free to communicate, discuss, and share with others their concerns, needs and rights. As such, project is helping them becoming actors and voicing their rights, helping them to become free in their minds and their society. The development goal of the project is stated to be:"Contribute to the achievement of a Palestinian civil society based upon the respect of human rights and fundamental liberties by working with 9 children centers and there animators to achieve that society." YMCA Gaza and its partners believe that learning through working in activities and participation of children in community awareness development projects is essential for children to fully play their role as civil society builders and actors. This project will enable 600 youth to assume this role.