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Forsiden av dokumentet A review of its co-operation with Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted


A review of its co-operation with Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted

Background: AFUB has worked with NABP as a key development partner since inception in 1987. As the current support ended at the close of 2009, NABP took the initiative to conduct an external evaluation of what has been achieved by more than 17 years of support.  Since an external evaluation was conducted in 1999 the period of concern from this external evaluation is limited to the last then year period, from 1999 up to 2009Purpose/objective:The main purpose of the evaluation were to assess whether the project has achieved its objectives or not, and how future funding may be secured when NABP ends its general support to AFUB`s administrative costs in 2009.Methodology:Desk study of key documents (planning and reporting documents from AFUB to NABP from 1999 up to 2009, AFUB strategies, policies and relevant evaluations. The evaluation will limit the document study to the cooperation period from 1999 up to 2009.Field visit to AFUB head quarter and to the member organisation in Uganda, which has hosted one of AFUB`s youth projects. Interview with AFUB staff, management and Board both individually and in groups. Interviews with a selection of AFUB member organisations (e.g. both a new and a well established member) as end users of the NABP support (target of AFUB) – field visit and /or telephone conferences. Interviews with key NABP staff and management in Norway.Key findings:NABP must be given credit for having supported AFUB through several difficult periods. As per today, organisations of the blind have been established in all but two African countries and a rough assessment indicates that nearly half of these are considered to be strong organisations. The objective to establish national organisations of the blind all over Africa has- for all practical purposes – been reached.Recommendations:AFUB is a valuable instrument for Africa`s blind and every effort should be made to maintain the structure of AFUB, and continue to develop it further.Member organisations must contribute more than the about US$2,900 they pay today. An amount of 10-15% of AFUB’s administrative costs must come from members.If new funding for the present AFUB structure is not found, the ABU-model of having a part-time General Secretary should be discussed. Mini-secretariats based on the regional/language divide should be discussed as a supplement to the general secretariat.Only the Board members (10 persons + the ED and the Honorary Treasurer) should participate in the Board meetings.NABP for the next two years should fund a (or some) specific activity under AFUB’s administrative budget.Comments from the organisation, if any: