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Forsiden av dokumentet ‘Children as Agents of Change Project’: Final Project Evaluation Report


‘Children as Agents of Change Project’: Final Project Evaluation Report

The Project aimed to work with rights holders, i.e. children, as well as their duty bearers, i.e. teachers, parents, community members and local government staff. Children would benefit from the project in terms of increased knowledge and understanding of their rights, whereas adults would benefit through enhanced understanding of children’s rights and initiatives which are designed based on the best interests of their children. The action aimed to empower children to play a leading role in their own development and the development of their communities by building knowledge and developing their skills and capacities to provide meaningful inputs to decisions regarding the fulfilment of their rights. The Project also aimed to enhance meaningful participation of children in the UNCRC reporting process by working with the NCMC.Purpose/objective(including evaluation questions). This evaluation had four objectives: 1. Assess the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the project, reviewing achievements against planned objectives and outputs; 2. Assess the direct management of the project activities by the MoES and the NCMC and the indirect management and technical support role by Save the Children International, including analysis of levels of understanding and capacity, challenges and lessons learnt; 3. Assess the intended and unintended Impact of the project, using Save the Children’s Theory of Change; 4. Assess the Relevance and Sustainability of the project model for the next phase of the programme, developing key recommendations for the continuation of the project activities.