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Forsiden av dokumentet Free Pentecostal Fellowship In Kenya Embakasi Church - Uzima Center


Free Pentecostal Fellowship In Kenya Embakasi Church - Uzima Center

The Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya Embakasi church was initiated in 1993, located in a rented site within the Kware slum area. In 1995 the ministry of street children outreach was initiated by the current Director who has since been instrumental in spear heading the rehabilitation, vocational and prevention programs at Uzima Center. The current project phase 2003-07 preceded an initial funding phase by NORAD and PYM in 1998-2002. The 1998 phase could be termed as the entry and construction phase, which was characterized by project infrastructure development, community entry process and relation building activities by the project. The next 4 years (2003-2007) were for rehabilitation of the street children. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the efficiency and operational concerns in relation to technical, financial and administrative functions of the project. The evaluation also made inquiries also on effectiveness of the project by assessing the level of outputs realized in relation to set goals and objectives. This being an end of project evaluation, impact and change realized within the lives of beneficiaries was assessed for the various interventions carried out by the project over the four year period. The process further sought to determine the degree of sustainability and the possibility of the local church taking over following the withdrawal of PYM donor funding by December 2007.