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Forsiden av dokumentet Risk and safety in the transport sector - RISIT


Risk and safety in the transport sector - RISIT Project results from the RISIT programme

Contemporary society is characterised by increasing mobility and stronger calls for safety and reliability in the transport system. Almost 350 people are killed in transport accidents each year, and more than 80 per cent of all accidents with more than fi ve fatalities have occurred in the transport sector. Further, we know that the risk of being killed or injured while travelling is 4 to 10 times greater than when pursuing other activities in the home or leisure time activities. Against this background, the Research Council of Norway has organised a programme for research on risk and safety in transport (RISIT). The primary objective of the programme is to produce knowledge that can yield a better understanding of transport risk and provide a stronger foundation for risk management within the transport sector. Important secondary objectives are to help make Vision Zero more operational, to analyse the normative foundations of transport safety policy, to study transport risk in a broader societal perspective and to investigate how different ways of organising risk management can affect transport safety.



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