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Forsiden av dokumentet Work programme 2009-2018 - VAM


Work programme 2009-2018 - VAM Research Programme on Welfare, Working Life and Migration - VAM

A fundamental challenge in the future will be to maintain and develop the Norwegian welfare society in the face of increasing social and cultural heterogeneity and the globalisation of the economy, politics, and working life and the private sector, along with demographic, social and cultural change. Rapid change gives rise to trends which appear paradoxical in nature and lead to processes that together comprise a complex and conflicting whole. These challenges must be met with high-quality, action-oriented knowledge about the welfare society’s economic, social and normative sustainability based on inclusion and exclusion as key perspectives. The Research Programme on Welfare, Working Life and Migration (VAM) will therefore promote research which views empirically linked areas in the same context and which generates new knowledge and insight: Research under the programme’s broad thematic priority areas will describe and analyse the current situation and relevant trends in these areas as well as attempt to identify the mechanisms that drive their development. It is crucial to produce new knowledge as well as synthesise existing knowledge about the welfare society’s mechanisms, structures, players and instruments in a “new era” and under new framework conditions.



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