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Forsiden av dokumentet Terminal Evaluation Report of Project for Reinforcement of Capacity of Leaders (PRCL)


Terminal Evaluation Report of Project for Reinforcement of Capacity of Leaders (PRCL)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon (ELCC) is divided into 10 regions, in districts and congregations. There are a total of more than 1500 congregations. The head office, situated in Ngaoundéré, coordinates the ecclesiastical activities as well as the health department (OSELCC), education department (SEDUC) and the Integrated Rural Development Project (PADI). The youth movement and women’s movement are organised in the same way as ELCC with groups in each congregation, district, etc. It is expected that the central administration assist and strengthen the work of proclamation in the congregations. But the administrative structures don't seem to function suitably to achieve the desired goals. In addition to the problems in the administrative structures, the main leaders at various levels are not sufficiently competent to assume their responsibilities. The members of the various councils and committees are not always well chosen and often do not know their obligations.All these problems cause a dysfunction within the Church. ELCC is responsible for the project management and implementation. The Centre for Intercultural Communication (SIK) has since the beginning in 2008 been responsible for the monitoring, while NMS has been the responsible partner in relation to Digni/NORAD. SIK has visited the project twice a year the first two years and then once a year while NMS has followed up through their presence in Cameroon and visits from the head office. The major objective of this terminal evaluation is to assess the project’s progress, covering such aspects of the project’s implementation as planned versus implemented activities and their contributions to the set objectives, major challenges encountered and lessons learned, and to identify key performance and recommendations.