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Management for Adaptation to Climate Change Mid-term Review of a project implemented by Total Land Care, Malawi

The Management for Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC) project in Malawi is implemented by Total Land Care (TLC) with funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Malawi and a 5 years time frame from 2008 to mid 2013. The key objectives of the project are to reduce deforestation, to improve household food security and incomes, and to develop rural-based enterprises. The review team found the project in line with Malawian as well as Norwegian development policy. TLC also has an extensive and good cooperation with Malawian NGOs as well as with international organisations, both in Malawi and abroad. Still it seems that more could be done to avoid duplication of efforts. For activities in forestry and agriculture the prospects of sustainability are assessed as good and the risk of failure as low because project interventions are appreciated by the farmers, the lead farmer system secures that knowledge remains in the villages, the project emphasises training and community empowerment.







Fred H. Johnsen, Robert Kafakuma og Unni Silkoset