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Forsiden av dokumentet Final Evaluation Report 2012 Ginnir Hospital Capacity Building Project (GHCBP)


Final Evaluation Report 2012 Ginnir Hospital Capacity Building Project (GHCBP)

Background: The GHCBP started as pilot project in 2003 in Ginnir District at Ginnir Hospital. Development interventions and infrastructure are still very limited in Bale Zone. The project started to mitigate multi-faceted problems linked to the Hospital – particularly capacity building & strengthen the hospital essential functions, strengthen the supporting activities of the hospital, implement HIV/AIDS prevention and control, scale up the capacity of the administration of the hospital and provide access to electronic medical information.The pilot project phase was successful and it was decided to extend the project second phase from (2008-2012) GHCBP document is formulated based on official request by the concerned bodies, that NLM & its partner EECMY – DASSC to continue to strengthen essential functions of the hospital. The project is now terminated and NLM is engaged in collaboration with Ginnir Hospital through the Reducing Maternal Mortality (RMM) project which started in 2013.Purpose/objective:The Terminal evaluation is mainly intended to assess the performance against the agreed plan and other procedural and technical issues of the project.  And also to see the progress towards realization of project goal and objective. To assess the benefit laid down by the project and the extent of this benefit extension to the target beneficiaries.  To examine the direct and indirect impact of the project pertaining to the natural environment and the community needs. Provide the outcome of the evaluation to the relevant stakeholders, government and the implementing agency EECMY-DASSC and NLM for better performance and enhance learning.Methodology:During the assessment to collect relevant and necessary data and information the evaluation team has used the following methods: Held discussion with the project management and staffs at the project office in Ginnir town, Ginnir Hospital. Reviewed the project document as well as periodical reports of the project Held discussion with the project beneficiaries, community members, Key informant interview, focus group discussion and meetings were made to discuss with these groups of people and Discussion was made with the concerned zone and district line department representatives.Key findings:The overall intervention was found promising to strengthen the overall service delivery level of the hospital. In general, the project has achieved significant changes in the Hospital as a result of project staff commitment, good net-working and cooperation between the project staffs at all level, Hospital management and staffs, local administration and other stake holders too. Recommendations: Detail Recommendation is found on the attached evaluation report page 25-26. But the main points are listed below:- The Hospital Management are still explaining the project has to sustain at least for the next two years because there is no other stakeholder supporting the hospital in these intervention area and the hospital is one of the hospital serving for pastoralist with low capacity to pay for service.- There is a need to continue working on Hiv/AIDS as there aren’t many organizations working in this area.- The training provided on financial reporting system and purchased equipment should be used effectively and the project should give extra support. Comments from the organisation, if any: The GHCBP is now terminated by 31st December 2012 per the original plan. NLM is now engaged in Reducing Maternal Mortality (RMM) in the region and Ginnir Hospital is one of the collaborating institutions to train health Extension Workers and midwives to support the Health Centres in the rural areas. Regarding the recommendation on equipment maintenance and future care, NLM has established good contact for the Ginnir Hospital with some maintenance unit in Addis, where the Hospital continue to use the service independently. There is NLM project Advisor midwife who is stationed at Ginnir Hospital in connection to the RMM project and supporting the hospital in improving service delivery at the moment.