Temporary abandoned wells on NSC


SINTEF Petroleum research has been requested by Petroleumstilsynet Ptil to perform a review of the information received from operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf NCS describing the well barrier status of temporary abandoned wells. The work has been undertaken to review the answers from a questionnaire and well barrier schematics, as requested by Ptil. The background for this review is compliance to the Norsok D-010 rev 3. 8. 2004. In addition to this standard, the OLF 117 Recommended practice for well integrity rev 3 dated 29. 11. 2010 has been used to check the various operators internal practices with respect to the categorization of well barriers as recommended in the OLF 117. Included in the report, the subcontractor WellBarrier has reported their findings and comments to a selection of well barrier schematics representing all of the operators. This report is found in Appendx A.

  • Petroleumstilsynet
  • Nils Totland
  • SINTEF petroleumsforskning