Review and Appraisal of Norwegian Support to the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)


The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, has requested a review of the “Human Resources Development in Asia Through Higher Education and Training Programme” AIT (2003 – 2005) and an appraisal of the programme proposal “Education for Sustainable Development” Programme Proposal AIT (2006-2009). The presented programme documents, the referred planning processes, approved documents, annual reports, audits and programme execution are highly professional. Almost all expected outputs are delivered on time. We have documented very good relationships to donors; and to other relevant actors. AIT has a broad set of networks both in Thailand, in the region and beyond. The administrative management of the programme has been set well in line with intentions stated in the PD (2003-05).

  • Direktoratet for utviklingssamarbeid
  • Paul Vedeld, Susu Thatun
  • Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet