Midterm Review of the National Integrated Pest Management Programme in Nepal, Phase II


The purpose of the midterm review has been to assess the programme performance against its target and to suggest potentials corrective measures for the rest of the programme period. The evaluation team has assessed the programme in the context of its history, current political and administrative circumstances, recent developments in integrated pest management, and current situation in agricultural aid to Nepal. The evaluation team finds that the design of the programme remains relevant despite changing contexts. The implementation is going well and progress is satisfactory. Although the number of farmers reached directly by the programme might appear relatively low (10,000), the programme has had a broader impact through assisting the work of other government projects, NGOs and farmer-to-farmer communication. Exact quantification of impact is, therefore, not possible.

  • Direktoratet for utviklingssamarbeid
  • Kjell B. Esser, May-Guri Sæthre, Neelam Pradhananga, Hemant Ojha
  • Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet