Evaluation of the DEMO 2000 program


This report presents an evaluation of the DEMO 2000 program. DEMO 2000 is a large Norwegian technology development program for the oil and gas industry. Responding to initiatives from the Norwegian supplier industry, DEMO 2000 was initiated in 1999 by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE). In June 2005, NIFU STEP was given a contract by the MPE to evaluate DEMO 2000. The main topics in this evaluation were: - Analysis of economic and socioeconomic effects related to the allocation of financial funds and the intention of DEMO 2000; - Assessment of technology development, piloting and commercialization resulting from the awards of DEMO 2000»s financial support, - Analysis of the program’s additionality effects; how much technology development, piloting and commercialization would not have been achieved without DEMO 2000; - Assessment of the organization and work processes of the program, including the relationship to the Research Council of Norway as well as other relevant parties; - Proposals for program changes.

  • Olje- og energidepartementet
  • Tor Borgar Hansen, Tore Karlsson, Helge Godø